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5 Important Decisions in the Making of a Wedding Invitation

To properly invite your guests to your wedding event and give them a good first impression, a wedding card needs to be printed the best way possible. Not only that, but a wedding card is also important in letting your wedding guests know when and where your wedding is as well as the way they can participate in it well, for example with the information on the dress code for your special event.

1. Choose a Design Theme

The design theme of your wedding card should be the same as the theme of your wedding so that you can make a perfect concept. Deciding on a design theme makes the process of wedding invitation easier because you can already have an idea of what might work and not for the design of the wedding invitation card with the theme that you have chosen. Choose the font style, colors, printing styles, and other decorations that best support the agreed theme for the wedding and wedding invitation card. With a clear theme, the guests of your wedding can also get an idea of the appropriate attire to wear for the event.

2. Pick on the Right Paper

The paper choice for wedding card invitation printing is very important because different paper makes different quality outcome.

There are three types of paper stock that are popular for wedding card printing, which are the heavy card stock, cotton paper, and vellum.

Heavy card stock is one of the most popular types of paper that is common to be used for wedding invitation printing because it is durable. The quality makes it perfect for a keepsake.

Vellum paper stock is translucent and usually used as a covering for thicker paper. But still, it can be directly printed on.

As for cotton paper, it is not as affordable as the other two but its quality is definitely top notch, looking elegant, beautiful, and absolutely perfect for wedding invitation printing.

3. Simple Design

Stick to simple wedding invitation design, from the layout to other decoration. Avoid overdoing the design of your wedding card so that it looks pleasant and easy to understand when it comes to the content. The content of a wedding invitation should be simple, thus you have to make sure that only the important and relevant information is included in the design, such as the name of the couple, date, time, location and address, as well as dress code if there is one settled for the event.

4. Printing Style

There are different printing style options that you can choose to make your wedding invitation look more appealing and elegant. The cost for each style is different; some are affordable and some are more expensive. You have to choose one that can get you the look that you want but still within the range of your production budget.

5. Remember the Envelope

Remember to also design a suitable envelope for your wedding invitation to create a complete look. For wedding invitation envelopes, you have to make sure that you clearly state the guests’ names in the right spelling.

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