Prepare This For Express Name Card Printing in Singapore

When it comes to express name card printing in Singapore, of course you need to leave it to the professional. Finding a good printing service is one of the most important parts of getting a high quality name card. However, it is not all. You have to first be able to make a good name card design that supports high quality printing. Several things need to be considered in order to make sure that the design of your name card is good enough and ready for printing and later on will be able to work effectively on its recipient.

The following tips are one of the basics but the most important, so you must not forget them as you design.

1. Text and Graphics

The content of your name card includes the text content as well as graphics or decoration that makes it looks better. The elements must not be too close to the cutline. Try to keep everything at least 1/8 inches away from the edges of the card so that you can make sure that they won’t get cut off during the trimming process.

2. Bleed Area

In order to further make sure that the design of your name card does not get unnecessarily cut off and look uniform, you have to include a bleed area in the design to make it easier for the printing service. The bleed area should be left blank and the size should be around 3 millimeters. To make sure that none of the designs that you make gets shifts when it gets delivered to the printing shop, you have to send it out in PDF format.

3. Resolution

If you want to get a high quality result, of course everything in the design must be of high quality as well, especially the images and graphics inserted in it. Work in 300 dpi and make sure that everything has the same resolution as well. This resolution is perfect for high quality printing. Any images or graphics inserted in this resolution won’t get stretched or pixelated when the design gets printed in any size. Even though a name card is small, it is best to make sure that everything is of high quality so that the result upon printing will be sharp and crisp.

4. Color Setting

Since you will be printing with printers that commonly use CMYK colors, you have to design in the same color set as well. Usually, the default is RGB. But if you design in RGB colors and print in CMYK, there will be unpleasant color inaccuracies. The colors you see on the display of your monitor will be slightly off compared to what you get after printing. To avoid this, make sure to match the color setting you use for designing and printing.

5. Printing Service

Don’t try to print your name card on your own. Go to a printing service and make sure that it is a good one that is experienced with portfolio that suits the expectation of quality that you have.

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