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The Top 7 Tips To Do With Your Sticker

It cannot be denied that stickers are a very effective and efficient medium of expression, and promotion if you are a business owner. Especially, the type of sticker with shiny finishing, which is very popular today. One of them is the mirrorkote sticker which you can print at the nearest mirrorkote sticker printing in your area. Here are the top 7 tips you can do with stickers. Read it until it’s finished. 

1. Use a Sticker as a ‘Seal’ For Your Product. 

Have you ever seen coffee products in glass or plastic bottles? If so, then you must be familiar with seal stickers that do not actually work as a seal, but just additions to enhance the appearance of the product. You can also do the same with your product, especially using the mirrorkote sticker. 

2. Attach It To Your Laptop Or Computer Device As Your Signature. 

Have you ever experienced that one of your devices was switched to other people’s devices because your laptop is exactly the same with your colleague? This of course will make you panic especially if your device has important data. One way to distinguish your laptop or device so that it doesn’t get confused with your coworkers is to use a case and stick a sticker on the surface. You don’t need a sticker that covers all parts of your device, just a small sticker that you like to put on. 

3. Attach a Sticker To Your Skateboard 

Skateboarding is a fun sport, and you can add to the fun by applying a skateboard with stickers of various types and colors. Not only will you make your skateboard look fun, but you will also be able to customize it with it. It will also easier to find if one day you get confused or there is a busy skatepark. 

4. Put It In Your Product As Bonus Merchandise. 

If you are a business owner, you might want to consider putting a sticker of your brand as bonus merchandise that will make your product unique and memorable. Despite the small details, it will matter to your customers. The effort you spend won’t put to waste because these consumers will consider coming back to you once they run out of it. 

5. Use Positive Words. 

On the stickers that you make, make sure you make good and memorable words. This will make those who read it seem to remind them about good things in life. These words can be in the form of advice, motivation, or quotes from experts or motivators. Trust me, people need that. 

6. Use A Catchy Image. 

I think it will go hand in hand with nice words if you want to combine them. However, if you just want to make an image, it doesn’t matter, you can choose an illustration image that reflects your brand in a way that generates positivity. 

7. Use A Good Color Combination. 

Use the right color combination for your product or the sticker that you use personally. This will not only add to the selling value, but also make consumers less confuse with what they see. For the record, never combine two vibrant colors together at a close and disproportionate position, instead, use a dark color and vibrant color on the other side. Good luck! 

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