What Are The Important Printing Tips for High Quality Posters?

One of the most cost effective marketing methods that you can go for is using a poster. Poster stand in Singapore is quite popular because despite its low production cost, posters can really help businesses reach their target audience and deliver the messages they need to convey in an effective way.

Even though marketing using posters seem very easy, you have to first make sure that the design and print quality of the poster is impeccable.

Not familiar with designing and printing? Don’t worry, here are the tips that you should definitely remember as you design and print your posters:

1. Choose the Best Printing Shop

There are a lot of places for poster printing in Singapore that offer different levels of quality. Of course, the costs of production each printing shop offers are slightly varying as well depending on the size of their shop, the equipment they use, and the experience their employee have that affect the final quality of the poster. It is important to pick the right printing shop, which is one that can get you the quality of the poster you want within the price range that you can afford.

To ensure the quality of a printing shop, ask them if they can provide an example of their past work or portfolio for your consideration.

2. Try Litho Printing

You might be familiar with digital printing as it is the type of printing that is chosen by most people for printing various items. However, have you heard or considered about litho printing? If you want high quality and impressive poster for your marketing efforts, then you should definitely consider litho printing. Well, litho printing is indeed more expensive than digital printing. It produces images in a slightly different way compared to digital printing where a set of plates with printers is pressed against the surface of the paper. Litho printing produces higher quality results at a longer time compared to digital printing.

Of course, you are free to still choose digital printing as well especially if you want to get your poster on short notice at a cheaper price. Digital printing still offers a decent looking poster that can still appear attractive and convincing for your target audience.

3. Vector Based Program and PDF

Many people make the mistake of designing their posters using other than vector based software or programs. If you don’t design your poster using vector based programs, the result upon printing will most likely get stretched or pixelated especially if you are printing large posters. Vector based software ensures high quality printing no matter how big the poster will be. So remember to design your poster using vector based software like Adobe Illustration for sharper and crisper results.

People also tend to forget to save their work in PDF when they hand in their design to the printing service. Saving in PDF is very important in ensuring that the file of your design does not experience any changes or shifts once the file is transferred.

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